American Ladder

A dollar a day? It would take half a year to pay my car insurance back then. To me, we were talking apples and bowling balls.

Changing Perspectives about Lawn Care

As we talked about what he could use his skill set to do, this question came up; “Is the grass greener on the other side?” As we talked, I realized how ridiculous that question really is.  

Flying with Lawrence

“Everything happens for a reason”, is what people told me. Sometimes however, things happen for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Are We There Yet?

Growing up in eastern Washington I was blessed to have family in western Montana. Every weekend we would make the same five hour drive to the Bitterroot Valley and stay with my Grandparents. The beautiful drive through the mountains was very routine, we knew what time we would arrive based on the time of day we left. We never had to ask our Dad if we were there yet, we knew exactly where we were.

Don’t be a Noun

A leader is not a person, not a place, and not a thing. To lead is to take action. There are many ways to lead others, but all require some sort of action to be taken. I don’t know a single example of a person that has successfully led by simply having a title, or position.

Education is Expensive

We have a broken system, we are so quick to throw employees into action that they never receive the proper training needed.

Who is Setting Your Customer’s Expectations?

What do you expect? What a question. One we as leaders and managers fail to ask. Who is setting your customers expectations? An even better question. Far too often we don’t even consider this. I can’t think of anything more impactful on a transaction, then preconceived expectations.

I Went Hoping to Find Inspiration, I had to Turn Around to Find it

Like a child, I rushed to the car to head up the hill. Higher and higher I went. As I got closer to the top, I could see the face of President Washington. Nowhere to pull over, so I just stopped right there in the middle of the road. I got out and took a picture. Luckily there wasn’t anyone out there, I don’t think I’d care if there was, they were going to wait.

A Humble Lesson in Responsibility

I had an extremely stressful experience today; one I can’t help but share. It raised the question: As consumers how much responsibility do we have when it comes to our transactions?

What is driving you as a leader?

Whenever I meet a management team at a dealership I always like to ask them this simple question. “To achieve success, who are you working for, who is it you are focused on at work?”