Reasonable Excuses?

Part of my job as a consultant is to implement new processes. Since most of us spend our days in a comfortably rhythmic cycle, you can imagine how people react when I come in and change their routine.

Business or Pleasure

I decided that if I was going to travel the Central States of this country, then damnit, I was going to make it worth it. I made the following decision: when I visit a town, I will find the nearest State Park and go “explore”.

What would you say….. you do here?

I believe the greatest accomplishment we can reach in the workplace is working as a cohesive team. Yet to build this level of teamwork, effective communication between departments must take place. An even more important factor is the understanding idea of why the different departments are performing procedures.

Have Fun Today

I was standing in a DFW security line, just looking down at my phone like everyone else. Blindly following the guy in front of me as I go through NFL and Summer League NBA news. Filler stories for the summer that have no real effect on my day.